Tip 1: If you would like some ideas on what to wear, posing, styling or lighting choices please feel free to ask me! Pinterest and Instagram are also great for inspiration. I generally suggest something you feel attractive in, wrinkle-free and no huge logos or too crazy of a pattern as I don't want your clothes to detract from you. 

Tip 2: Make sure you are ALL well rested and well fed/hydrated before a session! An exhausted participant is not having a good time and we don't want your carefully planned outfit covered in your toddler's applesauce! I always suggest more than one outfit just in case. And though snacks are a good idea for longer sessions, I recommend crackers or string cheese as a mess-free alternative. 

Tip 3: And on the subject of cheese I like to keep our sessions "cheese-free" and by that I mean I try to coach my clients against telling their little ones "say cheese!" It makes for a forced feeling and over-all inauthentic photo. I only want the BEST photos that you will love. Instead I ask parents to make silly faces, do a dance or tell jokes behind me, getting your children truly having fun is always my goal. 

Tip 4: Not everyone has to be looking or smiling directly at me for a great shot. We can get amazing pictures of you tossing your littles ones in the air, strolling on the beach or playing a board game. It's all up to you but I want you all to have fun! That means everyone involved and enjoying these precious moments that will now extend beyond our session through your photographs.